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January/February 2021 Newsletter
Posted On:
Friday, January 29, 2021
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Happy New Year and Happy February! I hope your Holiday Recess was an enjoyable safe and a relaxing time with your family. Although it may be hard to believe with the worlds current COVID-19 situations, and differences in how we educate our children, we are already halfway through the current school year.

With the second semester under way, we want to thank everyone for their continued support of our teachers, staff, students, and school as we collectively strive to provide optimal opportunities for learning each day. Our administration and faculty value the important contributions families have made towards our student’s learning success while in school and at home. We at HL feel that family is the most significant influence in a student’s schooling.

One of the greatest attributes of a great school is the partnership between the school and families who work together for the best interest of all students. Once again thank you for making this irregular year bearable for all.

Burgess Ovitt

This is a friendly reminder for those students who are
learning virtually, every day or on your virtual color days:

 Students need to log in to the appropriate Google Meet
for each class that follows their schedule. Once class is
over students are to log out of that class.
 Attendance is taken in each class daily.
 In order for students to be marked PRESENT:
o They need to log in on time
o Their camera needs to be on
o They need to remain in the meet for the entire
class, unless instructed otherwise by the

 Conduct, participation, and dress code expectations
remain the same as if we were physically present in the
 Students should try to create a designated study space.
This space should include a hard surface such as a desk or
table that allows minimal distractions while learning.



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