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NYS Math Honors Society Induction
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Friday, November 08, 2019
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Last week we hosted our NYS Mathematics Honor Society Induction. We are incredibly proud of these students and their academic success!

Officers: Niamh Doherty, Shannon Price, Kendra Prescott, Elaina Diamond, Connor Hayes.

Fall 2019 Inductees:
Rhiana Russell • Sponsor: Niamh Doherty
Jane Broekhuizen • Sponsor: Joseph Amendola
Serena Goman • Sponsor: Rebecca Wells
Sage Collier • Sponsor: Andrew Spraragen
Tori Granger • Sponsor: Shannon Price
Hannah King • Sponsor: Niamh Doherty
Angelina Livingston •  Sponsor: Connor Hayes
Ryan Lott Diamond • Sponsor: Elaina Diamond
Connor Moulton • Sponsor: Kendra Prescott